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Anxiety Therapist  Madison WI 

Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC is an Anxiety Therapist here in Madison WI that combines  Inner Parts Work, which is a counseling modality also know as Internal Family Systems (IFS); with Brainspotting, a neurophysiological psychotherapy method that can release anxiety right out of the nervous system.  
When you come to an IFS Therapist for Anxiety Treatment, we will work on getting to know your Inner Parts that are holding the compelled, anxious response in your deep brain and nervous system.  And, by healing the inner parts using this sophisticated and yet simple method, you can find relief.  This is very effective counseling that produces better than average results in the the counseling field.  
Watch the Disney Pixar New Movie Trailer, that depicts the Inner Parts concept.  This is not IFS Therapy that is shown here but the concept of how our Inner Parts can get us into trouble in life.  
Patti also specializing in Brainspotting, which can help speed up the nervous system release of anxiousness, once we work to find the most salient Inner Parts that are at the root of your Anxiety Issues.  Brainspotting is also a complex systems that translates as very simple in the Anxiety Therapy Process.  The complexity is in the therapists training and delivery, but yet very simple for clients to be able to participate in, as we work through your Anxieties.   
Patti Bee offers a FREE 30 minute Phone Consult so that you can get all your questions answered about IFS Inner Parts Work, and Brainspotting. Please Contact Patti Bee